Have you requested us to have an investigation and want to know what happens next? Continue below to see what happens after you contact us.

Feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions.


What to Expect:

☞After the initial contact, you will receive a call to set up a time when you can meet with the team.

☞At this meeting, you will be asked to complete a comprehensive questionnaire. You will also have the opportunity to ask members of PSOBFL any questions you might have.

☞If both parties (you and PSOBFL) agree that your home requires further investigation, then a mutually agreeable time will be set for the investigation.

☞In the days between the interview and investigation, it would be quite helpful if you kept a written log of any activity occurring in your home. Include the date, time, and a description of the activity, as well as what you were doing at the time the activity occurred and who was present. Other family members or business staff should do the same.

☞The team may set up equipment in active locations.

☞Common devices you might see include digital voice recorders (essentially, small tape recorders used for capturing EVP), hand held cameras and video cameras, EMF meters or other environmental sensors. We use all of these in a variety of ways in an attempt to open communication and understand what is going on in your home. Our team members would be happy to explain how each piece of equipment works if you have questions.

☞Team members will also log any personal experiences they’ve had.

☞At the end of the investigation, the team will quickly take down any cameras and equipment. Our goal is always to leave your home or business exactly as it was when we arrived.

☞We will go over the information we’ve achieved to that point with you; however, it will require further analysis away from the site.

☞Our team will review all of their evidence and data. This process typically takes about two weeks to one month. In urgent cases, we can expedite this process.

☞Once we’ve completed our data review, we will compile a report and the investigation lead will schedule a time to meet with you to present any findings. At that time, we can arrange follow-up if necessary, as well as helping you make a plan to proceed.

☞PSOBFL is always available if you have ongoing concerns or questions. You can call or email us if you need more help.

✪ We are confident our team members are trustworthy, honest and professional.

✪ It is always our goal to treat your home or business with respect and care.

✪ You are welcome to be present and monitor the investigation.

✪ Compassion for souls – both living and dead – is a driving principal of ours, and we proceed accordingly. We never “provoke” or yell at spirits.

✪ It is very difficult to determine whether a home is haunted or a ghost is present, since there is no definitive proof that ghosts exist or hauntings occur. We don’t “certify” hauntings. We can, however, document anomalous activity and attempt to help you understand and live with what is occurring in your home or business.

✪ We don’t guarantee we will get rid of ghosts or spirits. No one can make this guarantee.

✪ We never charge for an investigation.

We will also include any recommendations, or environmental and safety concerns.