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Appearance on Suncoast View – ABC 7

Liz Reed appeared on our local station in Sarasota, FL to discuss her new book, Haunted Manatee County, and also talk about her investigation at Linda Carson’s house! Check it out below!


Hello world… last night some of our members went on a downtown Bradenton walk that we heard was identical to ours. We had several of their customers come up and think they were with us but we didnt have them on our list. Come to find out, they were with the other walk. Luckily, these patrons found us later and booked our tour ūüėĀ

We are always down for a ghost tour anywhere – but identical to ours? We had to check it out! Turns out, this person is not ONLY using our name and saying they are a part of our group, but saying they did the same investigations we did! Groups can surely investigate the same place, but get the same results, same stories, even when the stories are not public knowledge – no way! This person knows us and they had access to our group before but due to their attitude we had to part ways.

With that being said, please beware of this “ghost tour”. We are the only walk in Downtown Bradenton and Bradenton Beach that is official and that has investigated the old Manatee Players Theatre, Hampton Inn, the bakery and several spots throughout downtown Bradenton and Bradenton Beach.

Want to hear the stories from the people who were really there and did the investigations? Come see us!

Imitation is the highest form of flattery but stealing our information that was from private investigations and using our name during the tour is something you don’t do.

We are NOT in any way affiliated with Hike It Florida – Haunted Hike.

If you have further questions, please message us.

Private Home Investigation Evidence – 3 Knocks!

Check out the sound clip we captured at a recent home investigation.

Let us know what you think!

The Sorrel Weed House in Savannah, GA.

Going through some videos and voice recordings from our trip to Savnnah, GA last November. Check this video out from right outside a very haunted location!!

Signs Your Psychic Gifts are Awakening

Every now and then we have a guest blogger write an article for our site. Jenny has written for our website before and has been kindly enough to write another article! Check it out below! If you missed her previous blog about Haunted Hikes in New York click here to read it!



Signs Your Psychic Gifts are Awakening

Psychics are sometimes seen as dark, evil characters. However, this unhelpful stereotype is far from true. From a mother’s intuition to true clairvoyance, everyone has some degree of psychic ability. Yet, most people are unaware of the signs, or simply ignore the symptoms of their awakening. If you want to explore your psychic abilities, watch out for these signs that could indicate your true power.

Powerful and Vivid Dreams

One of the first signs of possessing psychic ability is the ability to have extremely detailed dreams that you remember when you wake up. Every symbol in these dreams have some type of meaning, and if you can understand and interpret these dreams, you can gain great insight into your abilities. Many psychics tend to have recurring dreams that indicate things that are happening in real life, or have spirit dreams where deceased love ones come to visit at night.

Prominent Levels of Intuition

Sometimes known as déjà vu, psychics generally have an affinity for intuition. If you can sense when someone close to you is in trouble, or you feel as though you’ve already been somewhere even if you’ve never been there in your life, then you may be harnessing some psychics abilities. Sometimes you may just have a strong gut feeling that is usually accurate. You should always follow these gut feelings, and if your predictions turn out to be correct, you should start to concentrate on your powers.

Heightened Senses

Clairvoyants tend to have the ability to tap into their senses more so than the average individual. This usually starts with the sense of smell. If you constantly get a whiff of something that seems out of place, then it could be your first sign of clairvoyance. However, you should try to rule out any rational explanations for the smells if you can. Hearing voices and unexplained sounds is the next step. The first time this happens may be quite a shock to you, but you should embrace it and your growing abilities.

With these heightened senses, you may also see balls of light or orbs floating around you. You may also see different colored lights around different people. This is known as an aura, and can help you understand how other people are feeling. If you can see someone’s aura, this is a strong sign that you powers are developing.

We all have some degree of psychic abilities. However, some of us are able to tap into these capabilities more than others. If you watch out for these signs of clairvoyance, you may be able to catch your powers early on, understand them, and ultimately develop into a strong psychic medium.

If you’d like to write an article for our website, send us an email!

New College of Florida Event

We can’t wait to be at New College on Halloween to discuss in depth about investigations and our experiences! See ya there!

Private Home Investigation – May 2017

We’ve been doing a lot of investigations for private homes lately. Normally, we don’t post anything from them but this woman gave us permission to post the evp’s that were caught by the SCD-2 made by Steve Huff of Huff Paranormal as she was so impressed with the out come.

The woman lost her husband, who was a baker and was looking for a recipe. At one point she goes and gets his favorite glass with scotch in it and you hear his reply when we ask him what is Ron holding. These are just a few caught and we did end up getting the recipe on page 12 in little old cook book.

The 10 Most Haunted Hikes of New York

Thanks to Jenny Holt for sharing this story on our website.

The 10 Most Haunted Hikes of New York


Have you ever tested yourself on a haunted hike? Especially one which makes you camp along its trail overnight? There’s plenty in Florida, but if you want to head north to New York, you will find an array of old, scary hikes to really test your mettle. In fact, there are so many possibilities it has been necessary to make a top 10.

1. Letchworth Village

2. Saratoga National Historical Park

3. Seneca Hill

4. Gray Road

5. Happy Valley Road

6. Lake Ronkonkoma

7. Morris Jumel Mansion

8. Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery

9. Sweet Hollow Road

10. Oakland Cemetery

Have you tried any? On that list you are going to find a great combination of abandoned buildings with a murky past, cemeteries, and haunted hiking paths. Each place comes with its stories and sightings from lonely female ghosts to groups of angry spirits. To find out more about each one before you head north, check out the 10 most haunted hikes in New York.

Who’s Playing The Piano?

Does anyone else see the figure by the piano? This was taken at Charles Ringling’s house in Sarasota. Thank you to Andrea for the photo!


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