We have visited many places in the Tampa Bay area and have traveled through the U.S. to investigate as well. We hope to travel to other cities to investigate cemeteries, homes, theatre and well-known “haunted” places that are known for their paranormal activity.

We’d love to hear your stories about paranormal experiences! Send in your stories and we will post them to the website (anonymous submissions are welcome as well). Or just simply comment about your experience.

Follow our blog to get updates and information about our on-going investigations in the Tampa Bay area. If you have any questions, contact us!

Happy Ghost Hunting! 🙂

– Liz & Ron  – PSOBFL@gmail.com

St. Augustine Ghost Hunting

Jamie Ferry is our Lead investigator and Team Leader

Bradon Bassett is our Head Team Leader and our Head Tech Guy

Millie Mierkiewicz is one of investigators.