Screen+shot+2012-04-25+at+6.02.28+AMTop Paranormal Definitions:

  1. 2012 – A mystical year in which the world is thought to end
  2. Aliens – Beings from other planets
  3. Angels – Heavenly guardians providing guidance and/or protection
  4. Cryptids – Legendary or mythical creatures believed to exist though proof is limited
  5. Cryptozoology – The study of cryptids
  6. Demons – Fallen angels aka servants of Lucifer thought to torment and possess people
  7. Oppression – Demon harassment, sometimes confused with depression symptoms
  8. Druids – Extinct religion some believe took part in human sacrifice though no proof exists
  9. Edgar Cayce – Prolific 20th Century psychic who performed readings while in a trance
  10. Elementals – Spirits that were never human; have no stake in humanity’s continued existence or demise
  11. EMF Detectors – Detects disruptions in the electromagnetic field thought to signal the presence of ghosts
  12. Ghosts – Spirits of humans that inhabit the earth after death; often unaware they’re dead
  13. Ghost Hunting – The practice of looking for ghosts
  14. Incubus – Male spirit that has sex with humans
  15. Location Haunting – Paranormal activity tied to a specific location
  16. Mayan Calendar – Extremely accurate calendar created by the ancient Mayans; ends December 21, 2012
  17. Nostradamus – 16th Century French prophet and apothecary
  18. Orbs – Balls of light that only show up on camera; possible manifestation of ghost energy on film
  19. Parapsychology – Pseudoscience studying the paranormal
  20. Personal Haunting – Paranormal activity tied to an individual or group of people
  21. Poe Toaster – Unknown individual who places a bottle of cognac on the grave of Edgar Allan Poe each year on his birthday
  22. Poltergeists – Another name for the spirit present during a violent haunting
  23. Possession – When a spirit or entity takes control of a person without their permission
  24. Succubus – Female spirit that has sex with humans
  25. U.F.O. – Unidentified flying objects; flying saucers
  26. U.S.O. – Unidentified submerged objects; seen underwater
  27. Vampires – Human hybrids that feed on human blood for survival
  28. Werewolves – Humans who turn into wolves during a full moon
  29. Zombies – Undead humans that survive by eating the flesh and/or brains of the living

Metaphysical and Psychics

  1. 3:33 – Time of metaphysical important; positive in the pm, dark in the am
  2. Afterlife – Believed existence after physical death where the soul lives on
  3. Akashic Records – Collective consciousness storing all records and information in time
  4. Ascended Masters – Evolved spiritual teachers and guides including Jesus, Krishna and Isis
  5. Astral Projection – The ability to visit faraway places through mind travel
  6. Astrology – Predicting the future and receiving guidance using zodiac signs and planetary positions
  7. Aura – The energy field surrounding all life; color provides information about individual
  8. Chakras – Energy centers in the body, each with a specific aura color
  9. Channeling – The process of obtaining information from spirits or letting them speak through you
  10. Clairaudience – Ability to hear psychic messages others cannot
  11. Clairsentience – Ability to receive psychic messages by touch
  12. Clairvoyance – Ability to receive psychic messages through visions
  13. Crystals – Possess metaphysical properties to assist individuals in their psychic development
  14. Deja Vu – Feeling of having seen, heard or lived a particular moment before
  15. Dimensions – Planes of existence bound by different rules
  16. Empaths – Individuals who experience the emotions of others, often experience physical pain as a result
  17. Energy Worker – One who can manipulate energy to heal ailments
  18. Equinox – Occurs twice a year; day and night are equal in length
  19. Familiars – Spirits in the form of animals that guide witches in their development
  20. Fate – The concept that all things happen for a reason; there are no accidents
  21. Full Moon – Occurs every 28 days; time when all of the moon is lit and visible
  22. Illusion – Making someone see what is not there
  23. Karma – Collected consequences – good and bad – of all actions through multiple lives
  24. Kirlian Photography – High voltage photography that captures the aura on film
  25. Malachite – Powerful green crystal toxic in rough form; useful in meditation
  26. New Moon – Occurs every 28 days; time when none of the moon is lit or visible with the naked eye
  27. Numerology – Practice of using numbers to tell the future and receive guidance
  28. Palm Reading – Divining information about the future from the lines on your hand
  29. Paranormal Investigation – Event to gather information and prove/disprove paranormal phenomena
  30. Past Lives – Former incarnations of a living individual; may be human or animal in nature
  31. Premonition – Receiving psychic information about what’s going to happen before it happens
  32. Psychic Shielding – The process of fortifying your aura for protection
  33. Psychic – Individual with abilities to receive information they could otherwise not know
  34. Quartz Crystal – Powerful crystal; used to give, receive and store energy
  35. Reincarnation – The process by which the soul is reborn into a new body after physical death
  36. Seance – Ritual used to communicate with the dead
  37. Smudging – The process of using burning sage to clear the energy of an individual or space
  38. Solstice – Occurs twice per year; the longest and shortest days of the year
  39. Spirit Guide – Entity that assists with your metaphysical journey
  40. Tarot – Use of cards to provide guidance to questions
  41. Telekinesis – The ability to move objects with the mind
  42. Telepathy – The ability to read minds

Paranormal Places

  1. Agarta – Mystical civilization located near the center of the earth
  2. Atlantis – Technologically advanced civilization that sank to the bottom of the ocean after catastrophe
  3. Bermuda Triangle – Part of the Atlantic Ocean famous for UFO sightings and disappearances
  4. Dragon’s Triangle – Area of paranormal activity and disappearances in the Pacific Ocean
  5. Great Pyramid – Believed to harness great power when the capstone is in place; located in Egypt
  6. Hollow Earth – Belief that the earth is hollow and inhabited by other species
  7. Stonehenge – Mysterious stone circle in England rumored to be a paranormal hotbed of activity


  1. 13 – Believed to be the universally unlucky number, particularly when it falls on Friday
  2. Black Cat – Unlucky when a strange one crosses your path; lucky when one chooses to live with you
  3. Death Dreams – Thought to either warn of impending physical or symbolic death
  4. Halloween – Dressing in costumes on this night keeps away malicious spirits
  5. Ladders – Walking under one brings bad luck because it breaks the symbolic Trinity
  6. Mirrors – A broken mirror brings seven years bad luck
  7. Salt – Use your right hand to toss it over your left shoulder when you spill it to ward off the devil
  8. Weddings – The groom should not see the bride’s dress prior to the wedding

Source: Your Dark Passenger