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Higher IQs Mean Better Psychic Abilities
The link between a person’s quick thinking and potential psychic powers has been a topic of research for years. But with the advent of more in-depth ways of studying the human brain, recent years have seen the establishment of a standard measure known as the Intelligent Quotient, or IQ. As a mathematical measure of one’s brain, IQ may be the missing link in measuring psychic abilities.
What Are They?
The first thing to note is that a person’s IQ is the measure of their ability to quickly analyze and comprehend new knowledge. That doesn’t mean having a high IQ means they are, as the saying goes, book-smart. Instead, scientists believe IQ allows one to handle new or alien knowledge with a calm demeanor, allowing them to accept things faster than those with a low IQ. We’ve even standardized IQ tests enough to use them to test robots or AIs to see how they think.
On the other hand, psychic powers are the ability to unlock the latent talents of the mind. Most professionals in the field of parapsychology (studying the mind in ways normal science cannot) agree that everyone has psychic talents. Due to either the stress or foreign nature of them, we suppress these new feelings and stifle any psychic abilities before we know what we are capable of. Thus, meditation or exercises to clear one’s mind can help to awaken dormant powers.
Mind And Body
It stands to reason, therefore, that having a higher IQ allows one to endure this phenomenon of the mind easier and learn to control it quickly. Psychic abilities are most often reported in those who constantly attempt to expand their understanding of the world, and a correlation between this pursuit of knowledge and rapid thoughts or high IQs have been drawn


Another commonality that has been drawn is stress. Those who grew up in medium to high-level stress environments tested higher on IQ tests, possibly because they learned to focus and tune out the stress present around them. Focusing the mind is similar to a muscle; the more you practice it, the better you become. Not only that, those who report control over their psychic powers have also reported having their talents jolted awake by a traumatic or stressful childhood.
Likewise, reports have cited overly stressful environments where subjects couldn’t cope with their surroundings as causes for lowered IQs anddisappearing psychic powers. It may be that wellness of mind, a critical factor in both quick thinking and awakening the dormant parts of the mind is an integral link between them. When one becomes overwhelmed, they can’t control their thoughts properly, and in the modern environment causes of stress have only grown in number.
Give It A Try
Psychic powers have been reported in cultures all over the continent, from past to present. While anyone could awaken to them, the reality is that many have drawn a connection between the ability to quickly solve problems in a clear and concise manner, and psychic powers. The modern term for this is a high IQ, and if you happen to be blessed with this tool, you may find yourself tapping into your psychic talents sooner rather than later.