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Signs Your Psychic Gifts are Awakening

Psychics are sometimes seen as dark, evil characters. However, this unhelpful stereotype is far from true. From a mother’s intuition to true clairvoyance, everyone has some degree of psychic ability. Yet, most people are unaware of the signs, or simply ignore the symptoms of their awakening. If you want to explore your psychic abilities, watch out for these signs that could indicate your true power.

Powerful and Vivid Dreams

One of the first signs of possessing psychic ability is the ability to have extremely detailed dreams that you remember when you wake up. Every symbol in these dreams have some type of meaning, and if you can understand and interpret these dreams, you can gain great insight into your abilities. Many psychics tend to have recurring dreams that indicate things that are happening in real life, or have spirit dreams where deceased love ones come to visit at night.

Prominent Levels of Intuition

Sometimes known as déjà vu, psychics generally have an affinity for intuition. If you can sense when someone close to you is in trouble, or you feel as though you’ve already been somewhere even if you’ve never been there in your life, then you may be harnessing some psychics abilities. Sometimes you may just have a strong gut feeling that is usually accurate. You should always follow these gut feelings, and if your predictions turn out to be correct, you should start to concentrate on your powers.

Heightened Senses

Clairvoyants tend to have the ability to tap into their senses more so than the average individual. This usually starts with the sense of smell. If you constantly get a whiff of something that seems out of place, then it could be your first sign of clairvoyance. However, you should try to rule out any rational explanations for the smells if you can. Hearing voices and unexplained sounds is the next step. The first time this happens may be quite a shock to you, but you should embrace it and your growing abilities.

With these heightened senses, you may also see balls of light or orbs floating around you. You may also see different colored lights around different people. This is known as an aura, and can help you understand how other people are feeling. If you can see someone’s aura, this is a strong sign that you powers are developing.

We all have some degree of psychic abilities. However, some of us are able to tap into these capabilities more than others. If you watch out for these signs of clairvoyance, you may be able to catch your powers early on, understand them, and ultimately develop into a strong psychic medium.

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