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The 10 Most Haunted Hikes of New York


Have you ever tested yourself on a haunted hike? Especially one which makes you camp along its trail overnight? There’s plenty in Florida, but if you want to head north to New York, you will find an array of old, scary hikes to really test your mettle. In fact, there are so many possibilities it has been necessary to make a top 10.

1. Letchworth Village

2. Saratoga National Historical Park

3. Seneca Hill

4. Gray Road

5. Happy Valley Road

6. Lake Ronkonkoma

7. Morris Jumel Mansion

8. Gurnsey Hollow Cemetery

9. Sweet Hollow Road

10. Oakland Cemetery

Have you tried any? On that list you are going to find a great combination of abandoned buildings with a murky past, cemeteries, and haunted hiking paths. Each place comes with its stories and sightings from lonely female ghosts to groups of angry spirits. To find out more about each one before you head north, check out the 10 most haunted hikes in New York.