In August, we where honored to go back to Charles Ringling’s home to do an Investigation while SNN filmed us. As always, we felt welcomed by Charles and Edith.

We decided to play some music from their era. We know that the whole family loved to sing and play instruments. After playing a song, our investigator Charles, asked Robert (Charles and Edith’s son that was an opera singer) if he knew the song. You hear a very faint reply of “yes”. We caught a couple of things on thermal that we are still trying to figure out but thought we’d share them.

Andrea Knies, who has been our New College guide on every investigation, was carrying the mel meter all night and in the music room she asked if Charles would like to dance with her. She would lead around the room by the changes in the meter. We also caught some very interesting orbs in the music room. In the hallway by the servants quarters, we had some activity from Robert letting us know that was his practice singing area as the sound was perfect. We enjoyed our time with the Ringling’s and hope to return again. We have also made Andrea Knies an Honorary Member!

Thank you New College for another exciting night – and of course thank you to the Ringling family for always being so welcoming.

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