If it seems lately we haven’t posted much about our investigations, it’s because we’ve been doing a lot of private investigations and we keep those confidential – but our team has been extremely busy!

We were lucky enough to do an investigation at the Sign of the Mermaid Restaurant on Anna Maria Island. The owner Ed was gracious enough to give us access and try to help confirm the stories of a woman, a little girl and a cat that haunts the place.

Ed said that he has seen the cat, but has not seen the others. Others have reported to him and the staff that they feel the cat brush up against them or see the woman/little girl. The staff has reported their experiences consist of seeing shadows, feeling like they’re being watch, etc.

On June 5th, we brought out our equipment to setup an investigation.

In the pictures, you can see how the lighting brought out the orb energy. On our DVR system, we caught a strange light that goes by that isn’t caused by a car. There was no traffic in the area. Our thermal camera has a light appear above our IR camera and the blue background in the camera seems to look like a human form. Also, on our thermal camera, you will see a video of our investigator, Millie, lying on the floor by the fireplace where the cat sometimes appears. As she’s lying there, a dark blue spot forms in front of her and as she begins to pet the area it gets bigger.

Our team can say that there is a tremendous amount of paranormal energy at the Sign of the Mermaid. So stop in for a piece of their great pies and enjoy the company……whoever that maybe.

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