I believe the world we see is not the only world and we are surrounded by some or other supernatural powers!
I’m scared of haunted dolls and little kids as ghost!
I mean just imagine..
You just bought a doll and that doll is something like a demon or whatever!!!!!!!
Man its freaking scary!!
And if you wanna know something about kids as ghost to go and watch ‘The Ring’.

My top 10 most haunted dolls’ list is below:

5.Bebe The Doll:

bebe the doll 5

Bebe the haunted doll was bought on eBay by paranormal investigator and haunted doll collector Janice Poole.  Janice, no stranger to haunted or possessed dolls, decided to buy Bebe to add to her collection of 25 dolls from various sources. However when Bebe was introduced to the collection she could feel a difference in the atmosphere.

Janice has made many claims about a presence in her home since the arrival of…

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