Most of us believe in ghosts and the paranormal activities but also most of us not admit it. I decided to do the research about 10 most hunted places. I am sure that not only those places should be on this list. Lets have look at parts of our world which are the most lonely because of the phenomena occurring them. 

1. The Queen Mary Hotel – California, USA

Hotel_Queen_Mary,_Long_Beach_01.jpgBefore it was turned into the hotel, Queen Mary was sailed from 1930s to 1960s. Several haunted areas in the hotel have made it one of the most haunted hotels in USA. Due to paranormal reports, cabin B340 is unavailable for rent. Ghost of young woman, two children, a gentleman have been seen at its different areas.

2. St Augustine Lighthouse – Florida, USA

Augestine-Light-5.jpgBuilt in 1974, this lighthouse was reported to be haunted when spirits of two girls had been seen…

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