We have to say that the Charles Ringling home and the Ralph Caples home at New College was full of surprises.

If you listen to the two EVPs we caught, you will hear us ask Edith Ringling,“ Was hard to live with a psychic child” and she answers “No”. We also asked, “Was this the servants quarters” and the Ovilus answers “NO”.

Our K-2 EVP session with Ralph Caples was successful as well. He lit up the meter several times to answer our questions. One of our guest investigators also got the feeling of being touched three times.

We also noticed something blocking out the light in the music room on the camera. This happened 12 times during the night. The biggest thrill happened while watching the camera. In the right hand corner, we saw a small shadow walk by, followed by a larger shadow walking by. The hall that the shadows were walking in was the hallway to the bedrooms.

Our team had such a great time and we hope to return soon to see what more we can uncover!

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