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Bradenton ghost tour looks at city’s paranormal activity

By Randi Nissenbaum, Reporter
Last Updated: Thursday, October 29, 2015, 5:05 PM

If you have ever wanted to see or communicate with a ghost, you may want to go to Bradenton.

The Paranormal Society of Bradenton says the city’s rich history makes it a hotspot for ghost activity. And if you don’t believe in ghosts, their ghost tour may have you rethinking the afterlife.

“Tonight we’re going to take you on a little tour of Bradenton,” said Liz Reed, who is with the Paranormal Society of Bradenton.

Reed says ghosts can be found throughout downtown Bradenton.

“It’s pretty haunted,” said Reed. “There is a lot of activity.”

Many of the haunted spots are those filled with history such as the Hampton Inn and the old Manatee Players building. The Paranormal Society says the ghost of a young girl haunts the old playhouse.

Jesse Heidenthal, 14, says he has seen her.

“I saw a little girl come out and kind of skip through the hallway,” he said.

It’s a sight he can’t forget.

“It was amazing,” he said. “It was kind of weird to see at first and you kind of had to leave your brain to process it. But after a while you really got it.

Not all ghosts make their presence this obvious, so tour takers can use Ghost Meters that light up red when a spirit is around.

Ryan Brown’s meter flashed red when the tour took him to a spot where a man name Hector drowned during a storm over 100 years ago. Brown believes Hector just wanted to say hello.

“He is telling me he enjoys having us here,” he said. “He definitely wants to have a good time, but mostly he wants us to acknowledge he is here.”

But don’t worry, The Paranormal Society says you have nothing to fear.

“They’re not here to hurt us,” Reed said. “If you show them respect, they will show you respect.”

The Paranormal Society says the tour is for all ages and lasts about and hour and a half.