Beyond the Sixth Sense

Ghost hunting has come a long way since its origins of “outside the grid” groups and Polaroid cameras. Today, a novice ghost hunter has dozens of devices at his or her fingertips. And surprise! These techie tools aren’t always as expensive as you may think.

Be careful when purchasing ghost hunting tools: not every company is reputable, so do your homework. We’ve included a list of spirit hunting device sources below; please look for references or reviews before buying. (We’ve also included links to a few fun apps.)

In general, the more economical choices may not be as sensitive or hardy as those used by the professionals, but they can get you on your way to learning more about ghost hunting.

Ready to suss out your very first ghost? Consider any of the following:

EVP Recorder

EVP recorders are a popular first choice for ghost seekers. They pick up…

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