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Don’t tell me that I did not warn you before!

You have the good fortune of this blog post to now know about some of the very hauntingly beautiful spots in Delhi that , well, may leave you a bit berserk.

1. Nicholson’s Cemetery

They say in hushed tones about a headless corpse often wandering on his horse back in the dead of the night in the eerie graveyard of Nicholson’s Cemetery.

Nicholson was a British officer serving the British Army in the 19th century in Delhi when Indians erupted in a mutiny against the East India Company.

Delhi was under the control of the British but after the initial few days of the start of the revolt, the British Army had to abandon the city till reinforcements came.

When the British gained their strength, they attacked the city once again and besieged it.It was during one of those days…

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