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Being in LA you hear a lot about The Linda Vista Hospital, an abandoned hospital down in a not so nice part of the city. It was built in 1904 as the Santa Fe Coastlines Hospital, a prospering healthcare facility dedicated to servicing employees of the Santa Fe Railroad. The hospital flourished in the beginning as did Los Angeles’ surrounding Boyle Heights neighborhood. In 1924, Santa Fe Coastlines was greatly expanded, allowing for a larger staff and increased patient intake.

IMG_2436 I was able to stop by last week to see the revamping

In 1937, the hospital became the Linda Vista Community Hospital. However, with the Great Depression and World War II, it soon derailed the hospital’s good fortune and reputation. East LA was slowly transformed into a less affluent area, and the number of violent crimes escalated. Lowered funding at the hospital resulted in less staff to treat the influx of…

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