Are you afraid of the dark? You may not have known it, but these Chicago spots are rumored to be haunted. Put the ghostbusters on speed-dial and consult your ouija boards!

Castle Chicago (Formerly Excalibur)

via Flickr user Shutter Runner via Flickr user Shutter Runner

Built in 1892 by the Chicago Historical Society, this building has been host to many different societies and businesses. People have seen figures that vanish, heard keys being rattled, and one bartender was even trapped in a bathroom stall. Heavy boxes were heard being shifted in an empty and locked storage room, and these ghostly activities still continue today.

You can find Castle Chicago at 632 N Dearborn St.

The Red Lion Pub

via The Red Lion Pub via The Red Lion Pub

Though it was recently remodeled, the pub is still home to some phantom friends, and remains a favorite of those looking for some paranormal fun. You might run into a woman from…

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