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Audubon_House_980x350A doll which resides in Audubon House in Key West Florida, which was once the home of Captain Jack Geiger and his 12 children over 200 years ago has vanished.

The doll was said to be camera-shy as whenever someone tried to take a photo of the doll something always happened to prevented a photo being taken.

When visitors tried taking photos, they all experienced problems with their cameras. Pictures either didn’t come out at all, or black streaks appeared across the photo.

In one instance the back of a photographers camera suddenly flew open, exposing the film and destroying the image.

A photographer who was planning to shoot a series for the Discovery Channel was determined to disprove the story that the doll is camera-shy and tried taking pictures of the doll.

This photo is one of them. This is the last one to be taken off the doll…

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