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Hever Castle – Kent

An amateur photographer believes that he has taken a photo of the famous Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII second wife.

Liam Archer took the photo at Hever Castle which was the home of a young Anne Boleyn. The castle later became occupied by King Henry’s fourth wife , Anne of Cleves, years after Anne Boleyn was beheaded.

Many ghost hunters believe that the spirit of Anne wanders the corridors of Hever Castle, so has Liam finally got proof with his photo?


The photo shows a ghostly shape which you could say resembles a hand pointing towards the fireplace, in the living room.

He said he was trying to take a picture of the grand fireplace but could not believe his eyes when he looked back at his photos.

He is now convinced that what he caught was the spirit of Anne Boleyn and says that she…

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