Paranormal Anecdotes

When you hear or see the word “paranormal,” what do you think of?  Perhaps you think of ghosts, demons, superstitions, or possibly an old woman holding a clearly hoaxed seance.  If you thought of any of these things, you certainly would not be wrong; however, “paranormal” has a very broad definition: states that paranormal is an adjective “oforrelatingtotheclaimedoccurrenceofaneventorperception withoutscientificexplanation,” and it then goes on to list a few examples of things considered to be paranormal.  Simply put, a paranormal phenomenon is simply an observed event which is not yet understood scientifically.  At one point in human history, even the regular passing of planets and comets in view was considered paranormal–claimed to be sustained by the hand of God Himself, an answer many considered to be the “end-all be-all” argument explaining away such phenomena.  Eventually, however, mankind…

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