Mysterious Heartland

Bed and breakfasts are meant to provide a feeling of being a home away from home, but it is easy to forget that many were actual homes where families lived and died. Some believe renovations and unfamiliar faces stir up the ghosts of these former residents, who are unhappy with the changes. Other spirits appear to be a part of the history of the building–a lingering reminder of its past. Mysterious Heartland has found many bed and breakfasts with usual tales scattered across the Midwest. Which one will prove to be the most haunted of them all?

10. Sage Hill Bed & Breakfast

Anamoose, North Dakota

Sage_Hill_Bed_BreakfastBuilt in 1928 and known as White School, this building originally housed one of the first consolidated primary schools in rural North Dakota. The school was advanced for its time, offering hot showers, meals, and served as a “model school” in which progressive teaching…

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