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BRADENTON — Do ghosts haunt downtown Bradenton?

The Bradenton Paranormal Society said it has answers after launching downtown paranormal investigations a few weeks ago.

The society offers paranormal tours at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday beginning from the entrance of Pier 22, 1200 First Ave W.

Co-founder Liz Reed said her experience with the departed is not atypical of those familiar with the paranormal.

“I’ve had experiences since I was a child,” said Reed, whose son passed away as a teenager.

The tragedy strengthened her desire to know more about life after death. She said she only feels love when her son is around her, but “ironically, I’ve never ‘seen’ my son, but I have felt his presence.”

The tour begins at the old Manatee Players building, 102 Old Main St., where former actors told the society they often heard tiny footsteps in the costume room.

Ghostly activity intensifies at a parking lot near the corner of Third Avenue West and 13th Street West, according to tour operators.

Saturday’s tour participants were introduced to a spirit who identified himself as “Greg” through a variety of questions asked while using an electromagnetic-field detector. According to tour guide, Kenny Thompson, Greg is likely the spirit of a man murdered decades ago while harassing his ex-girlfriend over money. The woman’s boyfriend subsequently beat the man to death in the parking lot.

Greg confirmed through questioning he was the victim and answered multiple yes-or-no questions by making contact with the device used to monitor sudden spikes in electromagnetic activity. The device spiked red after each question for a “yes” answer and remained in the green when the answer was “no.”

Participants gasped with each of Greg’s responses.

Greg’s conversation with the group was just the second stop on a tour showcasing downtown’s darker history.

From the Manatee County Courthouse, where a spirit remains from a hanging gone bad, to the Hampton Inn & Suites, 309 10th St. W., which once was an as

sisted living facility where a resident leapt to his death from the roof, Bradenton has a lot more “activity” within the shadows of the living than most may realize or believe.

Reed said she began to professionally investigate the paranormal about five years ago. Asked why she picked downtown Bradenton, she said it wasn’t a hard decision when the group began to look into the city’s darker history, which includes multiple incidents of violence and tragedy over the years.

Reed said no tour is ever the same because you can’t predict which spirit will interact with the group. “Greg” was the liveliest of the spirits Saturday, expressing happiness to be interacting with people. Reed said sometimes other spirits make contact or show themselves via digital cameras in the form of “orbs.”

Brenna Enger, 8, took the tour with mom and grandma. Brenna captured more orb photos than any other participant and interacted with another young female spirit just a few yards from the Bradenton Herald’s offices on Third Avenue West. After interacting with Brenna, the spirit continued to follow her until Thompson conducted a short session, asking the young spirit to depart. The EMF immediately stopped spiking.

“That was scary and awesome,” said Brenna, who said she was glad she took the tour.

She had one piece of advice for anyone interested in interacting with downtown Bradenton’s ghostly spirits: “Bring an extra pair of underwear,” she said.

The tour costs $15, $10 for children. To reserve a spot on a weekend tour or to learn more, call 941-704-0621 or email