A Louve's Lair

This article from the Huffington Post brought me back to one of my interests and past experiences. The article is about possessed dolls being sold on eBay, with proper warnings, of course. As for today, the most popular “real” possessed doll would be the “Annabelle” doll (originally a Raggedy Ann doll) owned by demonologist and medium, Lorraine Warren.

And in our worst fears and fantasies, the palm, of course, goes to Chucky from Child’s Play. But let’s keep him aside and talk about the “real” thing.

Since the beginning of time, the human being have been confronted with the unexplained: possessed objects moving on their own, voices and noises in the household, unexplained bruises and wounds, a touch when no one is there… These are only a few things that one can experience. Through centuries, the way the human being handled it differs enormously (documented), from…

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