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Last fall we took a trip to the Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum in Weston, WV.  The asylum offers both heritage and ghost tours and appeared in an episode of Ghost Hunters (see here and here).  We’re not really the ghost hunting type so we opted for the Heritage tour.

IMG_1224 This view is of the main entrance to the main building (Kirkbride Building).

Let me start by saying that the asylum is a multi building complex that housed a medical facility, dining hall, laundry, greenhouse, and other support buildings.  The image below shows some of the buildings of the complex.


The main building was built based on the “Kirkbride Plan” named for Thomas Kirkbride (July 31, 1809 – December 16, 1883) a doctor who was influential in mental health care.  For a list of some of “his” buildings check here.



Our tour included the ground floor of the medical building…

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