Paranormal Investigating with Riverbend Paranormal

You know, a given about being a paranormal investigator is that you are always going to encounter the die hard skeptics. Or in my case, you encounter them, marry them, and suffer a lifetime of dubious looks and long sighs when discussing the paranormal. I’ve met my fair share of believers and skeptics alike. I think its a big world and we’re all entitled to our opinions. This however brings me to one central concept when investigating haunted locations: Evidence, and how that evidence is collected is vital to paranormal investigation. Let’s take this opportunity to walk you through the basic equipment that you need for paranormal pursuits.

Everyone may differ on what they feel is essential gear for going ghost hunting. Some people bring everything but the kitchen sink because they like to be prepared. That’s okay. I’m a big fan of being prepared. I’m more or less addressing…

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