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From my explorations of Bachelor’s Grove, I’ve visited numerous other purportedly haunted places. I plan on dropping some knowledge bombs about them in this continuing series.

Next up on my Paranormal tour of the world, one of the other haunted locations I’ve visited has been the Hotel del Coronado. Situated on an island near San Diego, California, part of the island is where US Navy SEALs train, so that in itself is pretty cool. However, while the hotel is beautiful and on amazing an amazing beach,  Hotel del Coronado has a tragic past. In 1892, a woman named Kate Morgan was found dead. Kate Morgan was a mysterious woman to say the least, if she was actually the one found. On November 24th, 1892, Kate checked into Hotel del Coronado under the pretense she was meeting her husband. Roughly around this time she had purchased a handgun while in San…

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