Mark E Schrull

by Mark E. Schrull

10/28/14 Mansfield – Definitely haunted, the following photographs were taken by me while touring the prison with my wife and grandchildren this Ohio State Reformatory 2crpast summer.  I captured floating orbs which suddenly appeared and then just as quickly disappeared.  As if the Mansfield prison isn’t scary enough with its rusted bars and abandoned cell blocks, we also experienced movements out of the corner of our eyes, slamming doors, and unexplained voices.  None of the following photographs have been altered or edited in any way except rotated and adjusted for size.

Ohio State Reformatory 8crOur tour began through the old living quarters of the warden and the administration offices.  I found these sections  a bit boring but soon enough the tour goes into the prison where the inmates were housed.  Built in 1896, the 6 tiered East cell block is the largest known structure of its kind.

The cells are very small and…

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