Mondays on the Weekend

Carrollton, Alabama is a small town where nothing much happens.  There is no McDonald’s, no Walmart,and no Pub-lix.  But this tiny southern town is known world wide for one thing.  The mysterious looking face that appears on the lower glass of one of the attic windows of the local courthouse. Since 1878 the face has been a mystery to both historians, skeptics, and ghost hunters alike.


The classic version of the story goes something like this.  The original court house was burned by the Yankee’s during the American Civil War, and was rebuilt.  Then in 1876 it mysteriously burned and arson was immediately suspected.   The sheriff arrested Henry Wells, a local man (former slave) with a very bad temper.  Word soon spread of Wells arrest.  The townsmen decided that there would be no use for a trial if the man was guilty, and made up their minds to take care…

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