The History Museum of Western Virginia

Founded in 1867, Southern Virginia University has certainly been around long enough to have a few spooky stories. The college began as a school for young girls in a private home. In 1900 the school moved to it’s current location, which was originally used as a hotel. In 1994 the school switched to a coeducational program and began admitting male students. The college changed hands many times before control was assumed by the Latter-Day Saints.

Several students, faculty, and guests have reported odd happenings throughout the 100+ year old campus. One ghostly sighting stands out among others at the small Liberal Arts college in Buena Vista, VA. The story of a young boy and his mother roaming through the main hall. Many students and faculty have reported seeing a young boy on the fourth floor. The boy is seen riding his bike and carrying a balloon. He does not speak to anyone or stop, he only rides his bike…

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