The Magickal-Musings of Nefer Khepri, PhD

SONY DSCUpon quickly scanning an email a stranger sent me about a spirit who is interfering with his attempts to communicate with his spirit guides I saw the following vision:

A woman in a long white dress or gown, Victorian style, running through the trees. Someone is in hot pursuit. She keeps looking over her right shoulder and is crying. It’s night, the forest is dark. The leaves are blocking out the moonlight. She stumbles and falls. She appears to have hit her head on a rock. At that point I seem to be standing over her in the vision, then everything goes dark.

The person who emailed me did so after reading my article on How to Contact Your Spirit Guides. It’s very popular and it drives a great deal of traffic to my site. He told me he regularly contacts his guides, but lately a spirit has stood…

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