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The History of Ghost Hunting – a timeline of the 1800’s
By: Michelle McKay (founder of Cold Spot Paranormal Research™)
November 8, 2013

This is a brief timeline of a few ghost investigators and their test subjects in the 1800’s. I have in my possession several antique books on this subject, and will add to this timeline as time permits.

This time period includes The Spiritualist Movement, which was a period of time that was very similar to the paranormal craze we are seeing again today. The Spiritualist Movement (a paranormal crazeis generally agreed to have begun in the 1840’s and began winding down in the 1920’s. Although Spiritualism hasn’t gone anywhere, it still exists today.

The Spiritualist Movement was a time when table tipping, live seances on stage, and the infamous “Ouija” board (a type of talking board, spirit board) was made popular. It was a…

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