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If you should be planning to visit any type of haunted castles or a hotel where paranormal action takes place, then you certainly might be fascinated to visit Chillingham Castle in England. Even the title suggests chills and thrills! This citadel is found in Chillingham, which can be on the north aspect in Northumberland and is encompassed by yard, gardens and dense woods. You can even see the Chillingham Wild Cattle in the citadel property as an extra bovine plus.

Haunted Castles – Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle in England was assembled during the medieval occasions and supplied a military strong hold as it was located between two countries who were always fighting. The English army used the citadel to enter Scotland and assault the Scottish military. With a rich history of conflicts and enactments, the castle is considered to be haunted and is very popular among several television and radio…

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