Paranormal Encounters

The Mansion.  Photo credit: The Mansion. Photo credit:

Once a private residence, The Mansion of Buffalo, New York was converted into a 100-room hotel in 1888 and remains a functioning, award-winning hotel to this day.

On November 10, 2008, Martin Bailey booked a room in The Mansion with his wife, Ann Bailey, as a part of her birthday celebration.  Little did they know, The Mansion had one more birthday surprise in store.

“The concierge told us [the building] was haunted,” said Mr. Bailey.

The concierge also divulged some of the history of the site, including how a little girl had burned to death in the uppermost level of the home—an area that was not utilized when renovating and converting the building into a functional hotel.

The Baileys did not think much of the story and proceeded to enjoy their stay and the luxury accommodations.

One night toward the end of their stay they…

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