Paranormal Georgia Investigations

Hey, folks! Heather here. I would like to introduce you all to fellow PGI investigator Nancy. She’s an amazing investigator, a fabulous case assistant,  first-time blog poster, and a wonderful asset to our team. Enjoy her post and make sure to comment!

“I just want to know that I am not crazy….”

Imagine seeing something in your own home or office that you can’t explain, don’t understand, or that scares you. Maybe you have heard someone talking and you know that you were home alone. Have you ever put something down and went back and it’s moved, or a door opens and/or closes by itself. Think about how you would feel experiencing this on a weekly or daily basis. When you tell friends or family they just shake their head, suggesting you are just seeing things, your eyes were playing tricks on you, or you were asleep. After a while…

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