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This monument, in Graceland Cemetery, Chicago, is the subject of many legends.  Legend has it the girl Inez was hit by lightning, and the monument vanishes during thunderstorms.  Legend has it she died of tuberculosis and the statue weeps on the anniversary of her death.  Legend has it she comes out to play with children who visit the cemetery.  People who visit the grave often leave stuffed animals.

In the world of my Haunted series, cemeteries are very rarely, if ever, haunted.  In those metaphysics, a haunting is the result of a deep attachment to a location (or sometimes a person) that keeps a spirit bound to the physical world and unable to transcend to the spiritual.  The attachment isn’t to the body, and thus places like funeral homes and cemeteries aren’t haunted. (Unless they’re haunted by former funeral directors or gravediggers!)

In real life, I’m intrigued by tales of haunted monuments…

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