Haunted Places of the World



Deemed as one of the most haunted sanatoriums in the country, Waverly Hills Sanatorium is notorious for its paranormal activity.

On July 26, 1910, the sanatorium opened as a haven and holding ground for patients with tuberculosis (it became a widespread disease in the United States in the early 20th century).  During their stay, patients were subjected to experimental—and brutal—procedures, such as filling surgically implanted balloons with air to expand the patient’s lungs.

To keep deaths hidden from other patients (and to make sure they weren’t frightened by the amount of corpses leaving the hospital), the deceased were transported through a tunnel known as the “body chute.” This tunnel was used a rail car system and was originally used to transport supplies to the building. However, as the death toll rose, the tunnel became a secret way to move the dead from the sanatorium to the…

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