The Haunted Librarian

Monk Ghost A 1956 picture supposedly depicting a monk sitting in the pews at Eastry Church, Kent, England.

Would I Lie For You?

Would I lie about a “haunting” for my 15 minutes of fame? No. I am not a skeptic; I’m a believer. However, I am so deeply rooted to my beliefs that I don’t have to lie. I’m also a seeker of truth.

Don’t get me wrong. I blog to be read. I co-host a weekly radio show (Archer Paranormal Radio) to be heard. And I hope to convert just one person. Dangle the reality TV carrot and I will bite. Hint that I should over-embellish and I’ll refuse to swallow.

There is absolutely no reason to embellish and to stretch the truth. Some places are simply not haunted. When the Ghost Radar is silent, it’s S-I-L-E-N-T. Rarely do I capture EVPs. I get a lot of orbs; however, I…

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