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Mississippi State Lunatic Asylum Mississippi State Lunatic Asylum

Lost to History

Abandoned cemeteries are lost to history. I’ve previously blogged on this topic; however, the subject-matter has made headlines in the past month. The University of Mississippi Medical Center broke ground for an expansion and discovered the mother lode of coffins. Before it was not uncommon for construction workers to uncover a few gravesites. In fact, this university has had its fair share of discoveries, but the numbers hovered well below 100. This recent discovery is in the thousands—roughly 2,000 unmarked pauper-type coffins.

History: The Mississippi State Lunatic Asylum was constructed based on the Kirkbride Plan, where patient areas were to be bright and open. The facility opened on January 8, 1855. One hundred and fifty (150) patients were housed there then. In 1892, a fire broke out; however, only one person was killed. The Kirkbride Plan was abandoned at the turn of the…

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