Gotham City Hauntings

Today was our first haunted house adventure… After watching an episode of ” Paranormal Witness” that took place in Grave’s End Brooklyn we went out to find the house. A woman and her family had moved into the house in the ealry 1980’s where they have witnessed some spooky stuff. Living in the home for 22 years with ghosts is very intense.. They had many encounters with the spirits including a “Bride Ghost”  with help from a medium it was said to be that a bride died in the attic of the house located on E. 9th street Between Avenue U and V. Along with the “Bride Ghost”–Footsteps, voices, strange mist and flying balls of light were also experienced.Her children have also experienced may strange and unexplainable events. Blanket being pulled off of you while you are in bed!!! There is no other explaination for that than–GHOST!! Forces holding you…

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