The Savage 30

I’d like to begin by divulging a bit of personal information: I am a total coward. I have not once, not twice, but three times been scared by my own shadow. I have been known to check under my bed before going to sleep. The last time I tried to watch The Exorcist was in the middle of the day and I had to turn it off midway through.

Naturally, it was my little sister who suggested I spend the night in a haunted place. Surprisingly enough, there are a number of websites that enable you to do just that. On (yes, that is the real website name) I found the Victorian Rose, an 1880s church that had been converted into a bed and breakfast. The inn boasts a two-story gothic-style sanctuary, a 96-foot steeple, and two specters that are said to haunt several guest rooms.

When I arrived…

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