Homeless Monsters

220px-Basement_of_Lawang_Sewu_2011 This one isn’t actually a house–it’s a building complex
that was originally used by a railroad company. But let’s lay it all out:

-There are tunnels connecting the buildings

-A battle was fought and many people died as a result of Dutch invaders sneaking in through the tunnels in 1945

-It was pretty much abandoned and all full of rats (and ghosts), to the point that “In late 2013 the Semarang city government announced plans to eliminate the building’s “spooky image” in order to attract more visitors

-A horror movie was made about it in 2007. Said movie featured a Pontianak, and just trust me, that is a Wikipedia entry you need to read.

-Among the ghosts allegedly seen by visitors? “Headless ghouls.” HEADLESS GHOULS.

-That basement. I’m pretty sure we’re all haunted now just because we looked at that picture. Sorry, everyone.

This one is getting…

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