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The Importance of Being Credible, Part 2

In a former life, I taught English Composition. During the course I stressed the importance of being credible. To cite sources. To present the information truthfully and to proffer the alternative view. College students struggled with the concepts. Rightfully so. They practice what they read; therefore, they question the need to cite. The Internet is ripe with “information,” but little of it is actually credited to reliable sources.

Properly citing sources is critical in developing credibility in the paranormal field. It is very easy to do. Follow this discussion about the Paranormal Field:

The term “paranormal” was coined around 1920. [1] Describing experiences that lie outside the accepted scientific field of study, the term encompasses ghosts, extra-terrestrials, and cryptids. [2]

American universities have had strong ties with paranormal research. They were housed at some of the most prestigious colleges in the US: Cornell…

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