The Haunted Librarian

The Importance of Being Credible, Part 1

First impressions count. Always have and always will. This especially applies to paranormal investigators. The old adage is in order as well: Dress to impress. When conducting investigations, paranormal groups should always be on their best behavior and look the part—not like the next urban clothing designer.

Matching T-Shirts:     The media has covered the unintentional burning at the LeBeau Plantation House on November 21, 2013. An amateur group of “ghost hunters” were arrested and charged with arson, simple burglary, and trespassing. Some in the group were reportedly wearing matching team t-shirts. They hoped that this alone would add credibility to their defense: The spirits were not communicating and the men wanted to provoke the spirits by setting a small fire. When exactly does provocation lead to good results? Never. However, some in the media have speculated that surely they must be real ghost…

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