UnknownNorma Rae’s Restaurant  – Palmetto Fl 

Owners Amy and Jake Cablish

norma rae 007The building was built in 1896. The 1st bealls owned by Mr. Bealls step brother was located there in 1912 from the early 1900’s. Franks news stand was in alley next door.

Jake has said he has felt things and saw a shadow figure walk across kitchen. A waitress and several police officers have seen a man in a dark suit. The back door has slammed shut against the wind.

On the evps, we caught  a voice saying, ” help me”. While we were setting up equipment we caught noises and banging that Amy says sounds like someone getting ice out of ice machine and there was no one inside. On our voice box, we caught a voice saying, “keep it on”, after we had asked if they wanted us to turn off voice box. We also heard on the voice box after asking  other questions, “Liz, Hello,,Yes, and Fran”.

Photos will be uploaded soon.

Check out the EVPs below: