Tallahassee Ghost Hunters

Intelligent Haunting

Intelligent hauntings are defined as spirits that are able to consciously interact with their environment and the living around them.  The spirit may manifest on very rare occasions, but it must be clear that the spirit is interacting, or attempting to interact, in order for the haunting to be classified as intelligent.  If the spirit is interacting with objects, ensure that the object is not caught in the residual haunting loop.  See the Residual Haunting section below for more information.

There are three stages of intelligent haunting.  Each stage has progressively more and intense activity.

Stage 1:

  • Cold spots
  • Strange noises
  • Odd odors and smells
  • Hearing footsteps
  • Unusual animal activity, such as dogs and cats running from rooms, etc.
  • Feelings of being watched

Stage 2:

  • Whispers, laughs, or giggles
  • Moans or shrieking
  • Moving shadows
  • Breezes in closed areas
  • Visible clouds (base apparitions)
  • Strong static electricity
  • Marks on floors or walls (not writings)

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