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Hey, everyone! Heather here! Our resident investigator, charter member, and sensitive Tammy has written an awesome post about her recent trip to Hawai’i and how the trip affected her paranormal sensibilities. Enjoy!

For the record, I don’t usually spend my vacation days looking for haunting experiences.  That said, when we arrived in Hawaii and started planning excursions, I found an opportunity to experience the eerie.  In fact, there were a number of places and stories that fit right into that file in my brain labeled PARANORMAL.

Because of the strong presence of the elements in Hawaii, just being there awakens something mystical in the open-minded visitor.  Here molten fire oozes into the Pacific waters, pushing steam and heat into the air and forming new land of lava rock.  The trade winds blow coolly over the lanai as the sun melts into the horizon.  High on Mauna Kea in winter, snow…

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