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The Lizzie Borden House in Fall River, Massachusetts

Location: Fall River, Massachusetts, USA
Built: 1845
Status: Open as a bed & breakfast


The Lizzie Borden house was built in 1845 as a home for two families, but it was later changed into a single family house. It was purchased by Andrew J. Borden, who had bought it so he could be closer to  his bank and downtown businesses.

Lizzie Andrew Borden, born July 19th, 1860, was the youngest daughter of Andrew Jackson Borden and Sarah Anthony Morse. She had two older sisters, Emma Lenora and Alice Esther (who died at the young age of two). When Sarah Borden died in 1863, things got worse than they already were. Eventually, Andrew decided to remarry, having Abby Durfee Gray as his bride.

Mr. Borden disliked and rejected technology, causing even more tension. The Bordens had to empty slop buckets into their backyard rather than install a modern toilet. This induced…

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