Tallahassee Ghost Hunters


Audio is one of the best types of evidence.  In order to collect accurate evidence, make sure that you listen to all of the natural sounds of the environment and mark them vocally on the tape.  That way you can rule out those sounds while listening to your recording.

Common “paranormal” sounds on recordings are knocks, bangs, footsteps and voices.  Voices that are recorded but not heard with the human ear at the time are called Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP).  If you do hear the voice with your own ears during the investigation that is called Voice Phenomena (VP).

You can attempt to coax out audio evidence with trigger objects or talking with the spirit, asking them to knock or move something.  If the spirit is intelligent, it could possibly respond.  If the haunting is residual, the noises will be consistent and repetitive over time and will not respond…

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