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Haunted World

It was around 10:00pm when Dean, Kate and I decided to go explore the South Burial Ground in Kensington, Connecticut (about 20 mins away from where we live). The weather was cold, and damp (if you don’t live in Connecticut, the weather has been equivalent to a rainforest) …but the moon was FULL and bright…so we decided to go along with what every single ghost/vampire/werewolf story has ever taught us…. that full moons and all ghoulish, creepy things go completely hand in hand, duh!

First we got lost… but finally we arrived at the cemetery, tucked away on a quiet hillside behind a multitude of trees. We were feeling a bit anxious, but put aside our fears and decided to get out of the car and explore. We were unsure if it was a genuine instinctual reaction or merely the cemeteries story getting to our heads. The backstory to this…

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