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Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum located in Weston, WV open in 1864 and closed its doors in 1994. It operated under numerous names including Weston State Hospital and was originally supposed to only fit 250 patients, but by the 1950s the building housed nearly 2,400 patients. The building is currently open for historic tours, paranormal tours and during October the Tuberculosis Building (which is separated from the main building for obvious reasons) opens up as a haunted attraction known as The Asylum. In 1990 the building was designated as a Historic Landmark and is currently in the middle of being renovated and restored.

In 2008, TAPS investigated TALA during Season 4 for their SyFy series Ghost Hunters. For Halloween 2009, the Ghost Adventures crew conducted a live seven-hour event complete with fan interaction (fans could text and review evidence while the investigation was going on and the crew could interact with fans…

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